These dragonflies were found within a one mile radius in Dalton, MA between 11 July and 23 August 2017.

I've used Glenn Corbiere's superb Massachusetts Dragonflies and Damselflies website to identify the first three.

Male Widow skimmer

 Found in the garage, lying (dead) atop the bumper of my wife's car on 11 July 2017.

Male Twelve-spotted skimmer

 This fellow was flitting around roadside foliage on Orchard Road on 13 August 2017.

Fawn darner.

  This was found lying on the roadside on Anthony Road on 21 August 2017. 

Unidentified Darner - 23 August 2017

25 August update:
Many thanks to Glenn Corbiere for identifying this as a male Lance-tipped Darner.

This dragonfly was found on the roadside along Route 9, between Cleveland and Orchard Roads. Its head is missing.

  23 August - Photo #1

  23 August - Photo # 2

  23 August - Photo # 3 

 23 August - Photo #4

7-17 September 2017 Additions from Tewksbury, MA

My daughter photographed this visitor in her garden. It may be a male Autumn Meadowhawk.

 Tewksbury 7 September 2017 #1

 Tewksbury 7 September 2017 #2

Another September visitor to my daughter's garden, possibly a female Autumn Meadowhawk.

 Tewksbury 17 September 2017 #1

 Tewksbury 17 September 2017 #2


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